I'm Bradley, hello.

Bradley Mackey

Swift, TypeScript, Rust
(in that order)

Currently making apps, bug bounty hunting and experimenting with independent development; it's a challenge but very gratifying. Computer Science graduate from Durham University. In my final year project, I created a deep learning based answering system for the mobile quiz gameshow HQ Trivia; Apple WWDC18 Scholarship Winner; intermediate/senior level full stack iOS developer (primarily using Node.js/TypeScript on the backend).

I'm currently working in a startup environment and enjoy facing the challenges that they bring from a technical standpoint. There are a huge number of problems that still need solving for the future and I hope I can help with just a few of them. I'm experienced with UIKit and SwiftUI on iOS, having built a number of apps with each technology.

Listed are my current and past projects, the most recent being at the top. Please get in contact with me if you have anything interesting to say!

Driving App

Instead of getting a graduate job straight out of university, I have elected to devote a number of months to starting a business with some associates, myself being the technical founder/computer guy. This is a risk I do not take lightly, and I believe we have an incredible product that will soon be available! The project may be based around driving, but I couldn't possibly comment.



An automatic checkout "bot" that can be used to order merchanise from some select online stores at lighning pace. It's a simple idea built using some powerful and modern tools that I'm really into at the moment: PromiseKit, SwiftUI and Combine.

The app has been recieved positively (hovering at around a 4 star rating on the App Store) and I continue to update the app regularly with bug fixes and feature enhancements. It's the most affordable bot available on iOS (as far as I'm aware).

If you want to get in touch, send me an email from the app's website support page.


Bug Hunting

I was recently credited by Apple for discovering an XSS on iCloud.com. Unfortunatley this issue is deemed confidential and I cannot share any specific details. I'm enjoying occasionally practicing my reverse-engineering and exploitative side, and hope to continue more in the future!


Quickly Answering Multiple-Choice Questions using Deep Learning

Final year computer science project dissertation. Area of study is performing open-domain question answering on games of HQ Trivia, using deep learning and Google AI Language's BERT to generate answer predictions in real time. This was my first exploration into machine learning and found it extremely interesting; I was able to achieve a result similar to the state of the art in open-domain, multiple-choice question answering.

HQ Trivia

Treasure Town

A application prototype created for Y Combinator's Startup School 2018. As the technical founder, I developed the entirety of the frontend (iOS) and backend (Kubernetes, Cassandra, Node.js, Elasticsearch, Stripe). Digital Ocean was our backend infrastructure thanks to the Hatch startup program providing us with $30,000 of infrastructure credit. We also made use of Firebase's simple suite of free developer tools. This project unfortunately had to be placed on hold to allow me to complete my degree.

Treasure Town

RSA Playground

My entry for a WWDC18 scholarship. It provides an interactive introduction to RSA Encryption within a Swift Playground. I am very fortunate to have been selected as a 2018 winner! Open source.

Swift Playground


This was a social networking application I created in my free time using iOS and Firebase. It allowed for friends to chat anonymously with each other within an iOS client app. I discontinued this, but all the client code is open source.

Open source on GitHub.

Emoji Sort Playground

My entry for a WWDC17 scholarship. I created an interactive introduction to sorting algorithms within a Swift Playground, using fun emoji characters. While unsuccessful, this was an invaluable Swift learning experience.

Swift Playground

Hold the Circle

This is a simple game I created for my Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) while at school (A*). It makes use of SpriteKit and you can download it on the App Store.

Edit: Looks like Apple removed it because it included a small gambling system to unlock new characters? I'll see if I can sort this out.

iOS app, available on the App Store.

Asteroids - Earth Defence

Another simple SpriteKit game I made, garnering a few thousand downloads. I worked especially hard on the animations of all the elements. Generated revenue through advertisements, with a StoreKit integration to remove adverts for ~£0.79.


Such Flap - Flappy Doge

A game inspired by Flappy Bird, written in Swift. This is my first app that was able to achieve some degree of success on the App Store, achieving a small amount of revenue from in-app advertisements. While low in quality, it was large in the amount I learnt about iOS development, especially so early on in my programming journey. I'd encourage anyone starting out programming just to try and immitate a simple game. It gives you a crystal clear goal, you learn stuff you'd never even think of yourself and the result is really fun! (and iOS SpriteKit is a great place to start)

Such Flap


A SpriteKit-based game created for a school project. Involved multiple game modes relating to testing your reaction time. Unfortunately this project is so old, I no longer have anything relating to it other than the app icon.

iOS app, available on the App Store.

Many, many more....

So many more projects lost to time, and many that are indefinitely incomplete. I love experimenting with all kinds of programming languages, tools and frameworks and it's fine to have projects that are constantly created just for the purposes of learning and exploration! Just try and finish one every once in a while...

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