I'm Bradley, hello.

Bradley Mackey


Computer Science student at Durham University, WWDC Scholar; primarily an iOS developer but can also do Android, web and server stuff. My final year report is on creating a deep learning based answering system for HQ Trivia.

What I'm up to

I'd class myself as a "Full Stack" developer of sorts, so I get excited by all sorts of technologies and I'm always up for learning something new if it's going to increase my productivity (or just plain fun to use).

I'm enjoying exploring technologies lower down in the stack at the moment, with Node.js being my main background (which has served me very well to date). I'm getting into Rust at the moment and really value the speed and other general "awesomeness" of the language -- it really is great to have C level performance from a language that doesn't feel as such. My absolute favourite langauge at the moment is still Swift though, I just wish it was more useful in contexts other than Apple development -- it's still too early for production-grade servers.

I've also been doing more experimentation involving Cassandra, which is currently my choice of distributed database. I'd like to have a few more opportunies to set up production-class clusters in the future. Although, if I was going to fire up a prototype or side-project, the choice would absolutely Cloud Firestore at the moment (I wouldn't want to bear the cost in production though).

In other news that I've been thinking about but don't have time for at the moment... adding a blog to this website is something I'd like to do, sharing my thoughts and experiences as I start to make more stuff after I graduate.

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Past Projects

Quickly Answering Multiple-Choice Questions using Deep Learning

Coming soon

Year 3 computer science project dissertation. Area of study is performing open-domain question answering on games of HQ Trivia, using deep learning and BERT to generate answer predictions in real time.

HQ Trivia

Treasure Town

Coming soon

A disruptive app that, working with a partner, we plan to release in the coming weeks. Made as part of Y Combinator's Startup School 2018. As the technical founder, I have developed the entirety of the frontend (iOS) and backend (Kubernetes, Cassandra, Node.js, Elasticsearch, Stripe). We are running on Digital Ocean thanks to the Hatch startup program providing us with $30,000 of infrastructure credit. We also make use of Firebase's awesome suite of free developer features.

Treasure Town

RSA Playground

My entry for a WWDC18 scholarship. It provides an interactive introduction to RSA Encryption within a Swift Playground. I am very fortunate to have been selected as a 2018 winner! Open source.

Swift Playground


This was a social networking application I created in my free time using iOS and Firebase. It allowed for friends to chat anonymously with each other within an iOS client app. I discontinued this, but all the client code is open source.

Open source on GitHub.

Emoji Sort Playground

My entry for a WWDC17 scholarship. I created an interactive introduction to sorting algorithms within a Swift Playground.

While unsuccessful, this was a great Swift learning experience. Open source.

Swift Playground

Hold the Circle

This is a simple game I created for my Extended Project Qualification while at school. It makes use of SpriteKit and you can download it on the App Store.

Edit: Looks like Apple removed it because it incorportated a very minor gambling system? I'll see if I can sort this out when I get the time.

iOS app, available on the App Store.